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Technology that Transforms

Fellow founder, Dharma Teja Nukarapu, has a vision — to provide advanced healthcare with innovative technology solutions, regardless of income or location. Growing up in India, Dharma was influenced by the socioeconomic climate and was troubled by the large income gaps between the rich and poor in his country. “70% of the country was poor, and this had a visible impact the economy. If this 70% could get basic income, food and healthcare then their contributions would help grow the economy to a significant level,” he says.

To truly make a difference, Dharma realized that technological advancement would be critical. With Elon Musk as a role model, he moved to the USA to earn his MS in computer science and networking engineering. “Musk’s innovations and contributions were revolutionaries that would change lives,” Dharma asserts. Seeing Musk’s achievements, Dharma pledged to himself that he would empower that marginalized 70% he saw growing up, by revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered in order to give them better access to better care.

For the past 6 years, Dharma has been working on this goal. He has merged his background in computer science with mentorships and self-learning about global healthcare issues, building a fusion between advanced technology and affordable healthcare. 

To achieve this, Dharma needed to enable medical teams and patients to communicate with each other from different locations. “I saw so many problems with the communications between patients, providers and pharmacies, but I didn’t see any technology in place to fix them,” Dharma recalled. By using advancing technologies, Dharma saw ways to take care outside of clinics and reach people, even in remote areas. 

Breaking down these barriers to care is significant. According to the World Health Organization, more than half the world cannot obtain essential services, let alone high quality care. “If we are serious – not just about better health outcomes, but also about ending poverty – we must urgently scale up our efforts,” says World Bank Group President Dr. Jim Yong Kim. He and Dharma share the same view, that investing in human health will lead to economic growth and human wellbeing.

With these concerns in mind, Dharma launched Fellow in 2017 with the goal of overcoming obstacles to quality healthcare. The company combines its unique software and hardware technology with cloud-based data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. Together, with technology and a partnership with Vera Hospitals, Fellow is now taking care beyond previous boundaries, helping the most vulnerable and improving their lives in numerous ways.

Learn more about Fellow technology here.

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